Open Skies Campaign Shifts Propaganda Focus Towards Presidential Flattery

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Within the past week the United States and United Arab Emirates have reached an agreement in their Open Skies battle that lasted for several years. The way I view it, the resolution is a victory for Emirates and Etihad, and a loss for the US carriers:

— Emirates and Etihad are agreeing to publish annual financial statements consistent with internationally recognized accounting standards
— Emirates and Etihad have stated that as of now they have no plans to add additional fifth freedom flights to the US; Emirates currently operates these flights from New York to Milan and Newark to Athens

In other words, it’s business as usual for Emirates and Etihad, and they must be thrilled about it, as they should be. The US is doing nothing to stop the “billions of dollars of government subsidies” (as the “big three” US carriers like to call it), and is doing nothing to limit the capacity these airlines can offer between the UAE and US. The “playing field” is no more or less level than it was before.