Pittsburgh Is Paying HOW MUCH For Two China Eastern Flights?!?

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A couple of days ago I wrote about how China Eastern will start flying to Pittsburgh… for a very limited time. Essentially the airport is trying to court more international airlines, and somehow they’ve talked China Eastern into operating two charter flights to Pittsburgh in August (in the original story I said it was just one roundtrip flight, which I inferred based on the way the press release was written, though as it turns out they’re operating two roundtrip flights).

Essentially China Eastern will operate roundtrip flights from Shanghai to Pittsburgh on August 3 and August 11, in hopes of encouraging American tourists to visit China, and in hopes of encouraging Chinese tourists to visit Pittsburgh. Really they’re hoping that they can fill these two flights, an that this might encourage a Chinese airline to start flying to Pittsburgh.

While it’s true that in the past the success of some charter flights has eventually led to scheduled commercial service, this was typically the case when we’re talking about full-on seasonal charters. In this case we’re just talking about two flights that are almost being used as a marketing campaign, and it seems unlikely to me that this would lead to a Chinese airline adding flights to Pittsburgh.