Planning A South Pacific Island-Hopping Adventure

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Yesterday I wrote about a trip I’m planning in order to review Malaysia Airlines A350 first class, Korean Air 787-9 first class, Singapore Airlines 787-10 business class, and more.

As I explained in that post, the reason I share my planning process is partly because you guys provide great tips that help me tweak trips and make them even better (you guys had some excellent ideas, and I’ve already modified my plan), and partly because I hope it inspires some of you to consider certain award redemptions.

At the moment I’m in the planning stages of a second review trip that I wanted to share the details of. In this case I’m in the much earlier stages of the planning process, and at this point I’m more fascinated by the possibilities than anything else, but don’t yet have a cohesive plan. Actually, I feel like I’m going deep down a rabbit hole here, because the more I look into this, the more I realize just how many options there are.