Planning An Ultra Low Cost Carrier Adventure To The Faroe Islands & Iceland

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I have a lot of fun trips coming up, though I really want to plan a trip with Ford that involves nature. While I’m fortunate to see as many places as I do, Ford and I have both realized that we’re happiest in nature. Some of our favorite trips over the past few years have been to Longyearbyen, Bhutan, Hawaii, and Easter Island, and we loved all of those places specifically for being able to go outside and hike for hours.

Let me be clear, though — ultimately I’m an indoor person, so what I love in a nature destination is being able to hike for several hours a day and enjoy amazing views, while at night going back to a decent hotel with wifi (I’m lucky to be able to work from anywhere in the world, though the flip side of that is that I work every day).

While we have a lot of fun travel coming up, none of it is a true nature destination, and I’d like to change that. So, what am I thinking?