Promo: Alaska Mileage Plan 40% Bonus On Purchased Miles

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Alaska Mileage Plan is one of my favorite programs to buy miles from, and this week they’ve announced their latest promotion on purchased miles. Alaska is offering a bonus of up to 40% on purchased miles through July 3, 2018. The bonus is tiered, as follows:

— Buy 10,000-19,000 miles, receive a 20% bonus
— Buy 20,000-49,000 miles, receive a 35% bonus
— Buy 50,000+ miles, receive a 40% bonus

I can’t guarantee this is the promotion that will be available to everyone, as you do have to log into your Mileage Plan account to see the offer. However, that’s the offer for all the accounts I manage, so I’m guessing that’s just the standard offer. Feel free to check the offer on your own account, and please report back if it’s different.