Qantas Could Add Nonstop Flights To Chicago Or Seattle This Year

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This past week Qantas started flying nonstop between Perth and London. This is the longest nonstop route Qantas has ever operated, and also the first scheduled commercial nonstop flight between Australia and Europe. This is all possible thanks to the 787-9, the first of which Qantas took delivery of late last year.

Qantas ordered a total of eight 787s, and they’ve already taken delivery of four of them. On top of that, they have up to 45 options with Boeing for ordering additional 787s, which they could take delivery of as early as late 2019. The airline isn’t just using 787 to launch new routes, but is also eventually trying to use the 787 as a replacement for the 747-400, which they plan to retire in the coming years.

Qantas has already launched and announced several 787 routes: