Qatar Airways Extends Hotel Stopover Program Through December 31, 2018

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One of the goals of the Gulf carriers is to develop the infrastructure of their home countries and put them on the map. One has to wonder where Doha would be without Qatar Airways, or where Dubai would be without Emirates. While these cities are known for being global hubs, the airlines are increasingly making an effort to have you actually visit, rather than just connect.

Last May Qatar Airways introduced a new program called +Qatar, where passengers traveling on Qatar Airways in all cabins can get a 96 hour Qatar visa at no cost (though in the meantime Qatar has rolled out visa-free entry for 80 nationalities), one free night of hotel, and more.

Originally the program was just supposed to be valid through September 30, 2017, though Qatar Airways has extended the program a few times since then, so it sure seems like this is starting to be a permanent feature. Until recently the +Qatar program was available for bookings through February 28, 2018, and for stays through April 30, 2018. It has now been extended for bookings through December 28, 2018, and for stays through December 31, 2018. That’s an extension of 10 months in terms of the booking window, so that’s significant, since in the past they only extended it for a few months at a time.