Qatar Airways Invests In… JetSuite?!?

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Well this sure is interesting. Qatar Airways has been investing in foreign airlines the past few years, presumably as a way for the government to diversify their assets. They’re not necessarily looking to fully integrate with these airlines, but rather they seem to be investing as a way of getting a direct ROI, at least long term.

As it stands, Qatar Airways has a 20% stake in IAG (the parent company of British Airways and Iberia), a 10% stake in LATAM, a 49% stake in Meridiana, and recently announced their intentions to acquire a 10% stake in Cathay Pacific.

We’ve known that Qatar has been trying to buy a stake in a US airline for a while. Last June Qatar Airways expressed interest in purchasing a stake in American Airlines, though that ended up falling through. Following the unsuccessful bid for American, Qatar Airways indicated that they were still interested in acquiring a stake in a US airline. In January they clarified that a startup airline in the US offered Qatar Airways a 25% stake, which left a lot of us scratching our heads as to what airline they could be talking about.