Luggage Replacement Wheels

Your luggage especially luggage with wheels go through a lot of wear and tear and over time get damaged. What do you do? buy a new expensive luggage especially if there is nothing wrong with the rest of the suitcase. The better option would be to replace the wheels, prolong the life of your travel gear. This will work out cheaper and is easy to do


Last updated on June 24, 2018 2:10 am


Replacement Luggage Wheels Videos


How To Repair Luggage Wheels

How to repair the wheels on your suitcase or luggage.

Luggage Repair - Wheel Replacement

The repair team at Eagle Creek Luggage replace a wheel on a duffel bag. To have your luggage repaired in Australia by our professionals team visit us here ...

Samsonite Roller Wheel Replacement - DIY EP01

Sharing how to DIY and replace the roller wheel on your Samsonite cabin bag. Samsonite Service Centre will charge S$80 in total for the replacement and you ...

Luggage Repair - Axle Replacement

The repair team at Eagle Creek Luggage replace an axle on a luggage bag. Eagle Creek products are available in Australia at ...

DIY wheel replacement for TravelPro Crew 5 luggage

One of the wheels on my TravelPro Crew 5 carry-on luggage shattered. I discovered that TravelPro's lifetime warranty isn't worth diddly. The repair shop wanted ...