Review: Hong Kong Airlines Lounge Hong Kong Airport

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My flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was scheduled to depart at 12PM. However, when reviewing lounges I always like for them to be as empty as possible so I can freely take pictures, so I decided to the airport shortly before the lounge was scheduled to open (which worked out well for me, since it meant I could just work from the lounge before my flight).

The Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus Lounge opens at 6AM, so I arrived at the airport at around 5:30AM. Hong Kong Airlines departs from the midfield concourse at HKIA, which I had never been to before. I entered the terminal the same way I usually would when flying Cathay Pacific, and was through security and immigration within about 10 minutes.

Once airside I followed the signage towards gates 201-230, which are the midfield concourse gates. Typically this would require taking the train, though as it turns out the train doesn’t start running until 6AM. Fortunately there’s a bus running between the terminals from gate 520. So I headed there, and within a few minutes found myself in the midfield concourse.