Review: Thai Airways First Class 747 Bangkok To Hong Kong

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Nowadays it’s a real treat to fly in the nose of the 747, given how many airlines have retired the plane. We boarded through the forward left door, where we were greeted by two exceptionally friendly flight attendants and escorted to our seats. This configuration of Thai’s 747 features a total of nine first class seats. There are three sets of seats along the windows on each side of the cabin, and then two rows in the center — one has two seats, and the other has just one seat.

The flight attendant taking care of us, Wipa, was a gem — when she saw me taking the pictures she said “please give me a moment and I will close all the bins, it looks nicer that way.” And sure enough that’s exactly what she did.

In front of the first row in the center is a small display with some magazines and newspapers (is that Shawn Mendes?). Also, shoutout to the lady in business class who is photobombing — hah.