RwandAir May Start Flying To New York By August

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RwandAir is a cool little airline that has grown quite a bit the past few years, and that has some aspirational growth plans beyond that. In November 2016, RwandAir’s CEO said that he wanted the airline to start flying between Kigali and New York by 2019, using an Airbus A350.

I think the airline is being highly optimistic if they think they can turn a profit on such a route, and the assumption from many is that this would be a prestige route. Currently RwandAir’s longest route is to London and Brussels, and business class fares there are consistently pretty low. So it makes you wonder how they’d intend to turn a profit on a 7,000+ mile flight.

The other issue is that while the airline wants to eventually get an A350, as of now their longhaul fleet consists of just two A330s, so they don’t have much capacity to grow. That’s why it’s especially puzzling that RwandAir seems to be moving forward with their plans to start flying to the US.