Some New York City Ubers Will Soon Have Video Ads

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Ubers will soon be like taxis in another way, at least in New York City. The New York Post reports that over the coming weeks, about 3,500 Uber and Lyft black cars in New York City will install video screens with ads on them. This is similar to what you’ll find in many New York City taxis, though unlike in taxis, you won’t be able to mute these. Instead the New York City video-ad screens can only be “near” muted and “near” dark. In the future they may add the option to turn off the screens, depending on how users respond.

This is being done by ad company Vugo. Contracts are already signed, and they’re looking for even more drivers. This is being done as Uber and Lyft drivers complain about making less money. Apparently these screens will allow them to earn an additional $100-200 per month, with the potential for that to go up in the future.

The Taxi & Limousine Commission blocked for-hire vehicles from installing these screens back in 2011 (presumably in hopes of not making it lucrative for people to drive for these companies), though Vugo sued, and a federal court judge finally ruled last month that they can’t prohibit this technology.