Spirit Airlines Is Introducing Inflight Wifi

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Spirit Airlines has just announced that they’ll become the first ultra low cost carrier in the Americas to offer inflight wifi. I’m really excited about this development, as I’ll explain in more detail below.

The airline is planning an impressive rollout schedule, and Spirit Airlines plans to have wifi throughout their fleet by the summer of 2019. Spirit Airlines is partnering with Thales Group, and plans on installing their Ka-band HTS (High Throughput Satellite) system throughout their fleet. Spirit claims that this will bring Spirit guests “high-speed web browsing and streaming experiences similar to what they would find at home.”

The wifi will initially cover 97% of Spirit’s route network, as the coverage zone doesn’t include part of their Latin America network. However, by 2021 their entire system should be covered with the launch of SES-17, a new satellite operated by SES and built by Thales Alenia Space, which they claim will “increase speeds and coverage to an unprecedented level in the industry.”