The Best Way(s) To Get To Central London From Each London Airport

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While most people think of Heathrow as ‘London’s airport,’ there are actually five airports servicing London, or six if you count Southend, which I will discuss below. There are a range of different options to get to and from each one.

I must preface any advice on transportation by saying the time, convenience and value will depend HUGELY on where in Greater London you are headed. London is so big and spread out that I’ve always had a different favourite London airport based on where I was living at the time, because of the proximity of one particular airport to my house.

To compare the different options I’ve used a baseline of leaving each airport at midday on a weekday. Peak hour travel can hugely increase travel times, particularly by road. A friend recently took a mini cab from Heathrow to East London in peak hour and it took 2.5 hours!