The Pathetic Compensation Delta Offered My Dad For An 8+ Hour Delay

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A bit over a month ago I wrote about how I was helping my dad book a flight between Tampa and Los Angeles, and was trying to decide between booking him on Delta and Spirit. As I explained at the time, it was hard to justify not booking Spirit, given that he could book a “Big Front Seat” with a carry-on for about the same price as an economy ticket on Delta.

Many of you pointed out that the issue with airlines like Spirit is their bad operational performance, and that when things go wrong, you don’t have nearly the number of options that you’d have if flying Delta. All of that is true, though unfortunately luck wasn’t on my dad’s side yesterday.

I’ve had some bad delays in my life, though I don’t think I’ve ever had a delay on a domestic flight that’s as bad as what my dad experienced yesterday. That’s a real shame, because I try to book travel for my parents in a way that makes it as easy for them as possible. After all, my dad is in his 70s, and while he’s generally in good health, I don’t want him to be stuck at the airport forever, and try to make sure he’s flying at times where he can drive home at reasonable hours.