The Sad Decline In Virgin Australia’s Premium Award Availability

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In 2009, Virgin Australia (or as it was called then, “V Australia”) launched longhaul flights between Australia and Los Angeles, bringing some much needed competition to the market that was owned by Qantas and United. While the 2-3-2 Boeing 777 business class may seem laughably outdated now, at the time it was a breath of fresh air, and impressed those who flew it.

When Virgin Australia launched its Velocity program, it made a significant amount of award space available, both to members of their own program, as well as to members of partner programs, like Delta SkyMiles and Virgin America Elevate.

Transpacific premium award availability is one of the toughest markets to find award seats in, and while there certainly wasn’t availability on every single flight, it was significantly better than on its arch-nemesis, Qantas. The fact that Velocity did not charge fuel surcharges was the cherry-on-top. Back in 2015 Ben noted just how good the availability was: