The Simplicity Of The Rewards Program

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Ben writes regularly about the loyalty programs offered by the world’s best hotel groups, and is especially active in the SPG and Hyatt programs. I love a five-star hotel but don’t stay in them nearly as often as he does for a variety of reasons:

• I don’t travel for work so my accommodation is 100% self-funded
• Often I just need a bed so don’t need to pay for all the additional features luxury hotels build into their room rates
• I’m a HUGE fan of Airbnb so they get most of my “nights” — if Airbnb launched a status-based loyalty program I would surely be an Executive Platinum Diamond Ambassador OMG Chairman Concierge
• I’ll shop around to find a week in a “great value more basic property”, rather than a night or two in a “high-priced, luxury property”

So I don’t have loyalty to one hotel group, brand, or program. In addition to all the Airbnb nights, I do stay in all sorts of other hotels, primarily when it is: