The Useful New AAdvantage eShopping Chrome Extension

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Online shopping portals can be a great way to pick up additional points for purchases you’d make anyway. Most of the major airline and hotel programs have shopping portals, and many of them use the same company (Cartera), which essentially white labels the portals for each loyalty program.

Essentially these shopping portals are paid a commission by retailers for the customers they send their way, so of course they want to do everything they can to increase their volume of business. To do this, shopping portals often have promotions for bonus points, though beyond that we’ve seen some other creative additions on their part.

For example, some online shopping portals now offer bonus miles for in-store shopping purchases. The catch is that the process isn’t ideal — you have to specifically register for the store at which you’re going to shop before you go, which isn’t great for spur of the moment shopping.