Timeline For Delta 777s With New Business Class Suites & Premium Economy

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Late last year Delta introduced their new business class suites on the A350. Delta became the first US global carrier to introduce business class suites with doors, which are now available on a growing number of routes. I had the chance to fly Delta’s A350 between Detroit and Beijing, and had a nice flight. While not as good as Qatar Airways Qsuites, it’s still one of the world’s best business class seats.

As of now Delta only has these seats on their A350s. Delta has nine A350-900s in their fleet, with a further 16 set to be delivered in the coming years. The next plane to get these new suites will be the 777-200, which Delta has eight of in their fleet. We learned about Delta’s plans for these reconfigured 777s last May.

Specifically, Delta will be reconfiguring these planes as follows: