Top Luggage Brands


When it comes to luggage knowing that you have the best on the market means having a good trip each and every single time you travel. The best luggage you can get is strong, light weight and very indestructible. Which means that you can take it anywhere and it’s going to break down or have issues right away the luggage is really going to be durable and very good to you. The top 5 carry-on luggage are as follows:

1. New Yorker 4 piece luggage – This has a great carry on tote which is beautiful and functional with a bright colorful aspect to it which means that it won’t blend in with other people’s bags. You can keep close track of it and it’s well made, durable and very easy to take care of.

2. Rio 2 piece luggage set – Has a fantastic design with a great look to it and anyone would be proud to have this as their carry on tote. It has beautiful sturdy handles which means that it will be firm and easy to carry with you no matter who you are.

3. Rockland 4 piece luggage set – This has a great look and really is the most sturdy on the market with heavy duty handles and space for everything that you can think of. No matter who you are you won’t have too much stuff to put into here because there is just room for everything. With a strong zipper and lined on the inside so it’s nice and smooth.

4. Samsonite 5 piece luggage set – Has a great carry-on bag which is really smooth and easy to handle. It has space for everything that you can carry on with you including your wallet, airline tickets, boarding pass and all your personal items including medications, toiletries and more.

5. Travelers Choice 2 piece Siena luggage set- Has everything that you could want to carry with you on a flight or even on a bus. No matter if you are an avid traveler or if you just travel every now and then this is the perfect carry-on bag for you. It all matches together so that you won’t ever lose it and you will really be able to be proud of what you carry on with you.

These are the best of the best and you can really get what you are looking for with one of the great bags on this list.