Uh Oh: Emirates Cutting Pilot Staffing On Some Longhaul Flights Due To Pilot Shortage

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Emirates has a pilot shortage at the moment, which is causing the airline to park planes at Dubai World Central and also to cut routes. Emirates pilots are leaving the airline to work at other airlines (especially in China) that offer more attractive compensation packages. There’s a global pilot shortage at the moment, and other airlines offer more pay and allow commuter contracts, while Emirates requires all of their pilots to live in Dubai.

Emirates claims they have quite a few cadet pilots in the pipeline and that this pilot shortage will be solved within a few months, though it sure seems to me like that’s not the case. Unless they change something, they’re going to keep losing pilots. Rather than trying to make things better for pilots, Emirates has just done something that has really ticked off a lot of pilots.

Emirates is reducing staffing (and thereby rest) for pilots on some ultra longhaul flights. As reported by pilots on PPRuNe, as of July 1, 2018, Emirates is reducing the pilot staffing on select ultra longhaul flights from four pilots to three pilots. Specifically, flights between Dubai and Boston, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo, will go from having four pilots to having three pilots.