United CEO “Reaccommodated” Sand At His Florida Home

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United’s CEO is usually under fire for the things that happen at his airline, from passengers being dragged off planes to dogs dying and being flown to the wrong destinations. But now he’s personally under some scrutiny for what his family has been doing at their $6 million home in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida.

An I-TEAM investigation shows evidence that Munoz and a few of his neighbors have been “beach scraping” (or as Oscar may prefer to refer to it, “reaccommodating sand”), where they’ve been taking sand from the public beach in front of their homes in order to build dunes. Much of the sand was wiped out by Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, so the beach is just starting to naturally rebuild. Despite that, a few homeowners have been taking some of the existing sand and building dunes in front of their homes, rather than doing it the proper way. According to the story: