Video: Airplane Engine Comes Apart Midflight After Failure

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The AvHerald reports on a scary-looking incident that occurred on a March 1st flight in Kyrgyzstan:

“A Tez Jet Avro RJ-85, registration EX-27005 performing flight TEZ-107 from Bishkek to Batken (Kyrgyzstan) with 96 people on board, was climbing through about FL200 when the outboard left engine (LF507, #1) suffered an uncontained failure. The crew shut the engine down and returned to Bishkek for a safe landing on runway 08 about 35 minutes after departure.”

While an engine failure and shut down as such doesn’t sound that bad, what makes this situation terrifying is that it was uncontained, so the engine came apart, and almost appears to be dangling. Fortunately the plane has four engines, so it doesn’t need all of them to fly. Perhaps the bigger risk was what could happen if part of the engine fell off, and possibly hit another part of the plane.