Video: Alaska Airlines Flight Piloted By Two Female African Americans For The First Time

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For International Women’s Day we sometimes see airlines promote how they have female pilots, and specially staff certain flights exclusively with females. Some day we’ll hopefully live in an era where having an all female cockpit crew isn’t noteworthy, though for now only somewhere around 5% of airline pilots worldwide are female. One of my favorite such stories had to be from 2016, when Royal Brunei had a three-person female cockpit crew land a plane in Saudi Arabia of all places, where the women wouldn’t have been allowed to drive.

This past Sunday two Alaska Airlines pilots created a “first” for the company. Specifically, for the first time in the company’s history, Alaska Airlines had two female African American pilots in the cockpit. That’s pretty cool. The captain, Tara Dillon Wright, made an announcement informing people about the special flight they were on, which just happened to be on Mother’s Day, and also on her dad’s 80th birthday (though he was in Spain).

Here’s a video of her pre-departure announcement, which has over 800,000 views in the past few days as of the time of this posting: