Video: Couple Gets Married On Southwest Flight

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Well, this couple took put an aviation geek spin on “walking down the aisle.” A couple decided to get married on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore this past Sunday night. I haven’t been able to find much regarding the backstory of why they decided to get married on a plane, but Yahoo reports that the couple got married about 45 minutes before the flight landed in Baltimore.

The groom was wearing a tuxedo and the bride was wearing a white gown. The groom stood in the front of the plane, while the bride walked down the aisle from the back of the plane towards him, just as you’d find on the ground. One of the crewmembers officiated the wedding, and threw in quite a few jokes.

A Facebook user shared videos of the wedding, where you can see the bride walking down the aisle. There’s even music, with the bride walking down the aisle to Ed Sheeran’s song “Perfect,” and the couple later dancing down the aisle together to Chris Brown’s song “Forever.”