Welcome To The OMAAT Team, Steph!

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Over the past several weeks we’ve introduced two new contributors — James and Spencer — and today I’m excited to introduce a third new contributor. 

Please welcome Steph to the blog, who wrote one of our most popular guest blog posts ever, about her adventures booking a SkyMiles award ticket on China Eastern. Not only was the story a great lesson, but her writing style is incredible and can’t help but make me want to read more. She could probably write about basketweaving and I’d find it interesting.

Steph has a different angle than the rest of us, which is another reason we’re excited to have her join us. She’s a true “road warrior” who travels for work, often on some routes that may not be so glamorous, and I think that’s a relatable and useful perspective to have. On top of that, she’s big into the outdoors, so I look forward to reading about her adventures there.