Wenger Suitcase Which is the Right One For You?

Wenger Suitcase has a wide range of softside suitcases that come in different sizes and colors. Wenger range has evolved over the years with new improvements and innovative features being added to their suitcase range on a regular basis. They have introduced newer models to their existing ranges and all their models have become extremely popular with the traveling public.

Popular Wenger Suitcase Models

Wenger Soft side suitcase models include

1. Wenger Lugano III in small, medium and large sizes

2. Wenger NeoLite Model in Small, medium and large capacities

3. Wenger Terrain Crossing Wheel bags

Wenger Lugano III Suit Case Range

Major features of this expandable Wenger Suitcase model include

1. Base Handle that helps in easily lifting the bag from the surface

2. Expandable Zipper feature that provides extra room for the travelers to pack their belongings

3. Telescopic handle that helps in pulling and pushing the suitcase with minimal effort

4. Skate wheels that travels quickly across any type of surfaces including harder surfaces

5. Comes with a life time warranty

6. Available in attractive red color


Large Sized Lugano

This larger Lugano model from Wenger measures 72cm in Length, 46 cm in Width and 32 cm in height under normal operating conditions. When Expandable zipper feature is used, the height increases from 32 cm to 36cm. It has a capacity to carry 106 lts under normal conditions and 120 lts when the expandable feature is employed.

Medium Sized Lugano

Medium sized Lugano measures 62 cm*42 cm * 28 cm under normal mode. In Expanded mode the height increases to 32 cm. The capacity of the medium sized Lugano comes to 73 lts under normal mode and 83 lts under expanded mode.

Small Sized Lugano

This can be used as a cabin suitcase when traveling and is extremely compact in nature. It measures 55 cm*36 cm *22 cm under normal mode and the height increases to 26 cm in expanded mode. Under normal conditions, the capacity is 44 lts. Under expanded conditions, the capacity increases to 51 lts.

Wenger Neo Lite Range of Suitcases

Wenger Neo Lite range of Soft side suitcases are one of the initial models of Wenger to hit the market place. They are made out of nylon and are extremely lighter when compared to the hard side suitcases. Neo Lite range of Wenger suitcases come in five different attractive colors including Blue, Black, Red, Orange and Platinum. Neo Lite range is available in three standard sizes of large, medium and small.

Wenger Terrain Crossing upright Wheel bags

This is a great suit case for global trekkers, who would like to explore the different parts of the globe. This is an excellent suit case for carrying adventure travel gear and particularly useful for those seeking adventure and fun in thrilling destinations across the globe. The main features of this All Terrain Wenger suitcase include

1. Extremely lightweight in nature

2. Comes with a handy telescopic trolley handle

3. Also has an integrated top and front padded carry handle

4. Extra bottom handle for easier lifting

5. Two pockets in the front for storing small utility items

6. Wheels on the outboard with unique tread patterns required to take the baggage across different tough terrains

7. A separate wet bag for storing clothes and gear that have become wet

8. Interior Zipped Mesh Pocket


Similar to the other Wenger suitcase models, it comes in Large, medium and small sizes.

The large sized Wenger Terrain crossing wheel bags comes with a size specification of 71cm*38cm*33cm and a capacity of 77 lts.

The medium sized model comes with a size specification of 64cm*36cm*30cm and has a capacity of 60 lts.

The smaller model measures 54cm*33cm* 23cm and has a storage capacity of 34 lts.

Wenger continue to impress us with it’s many features and durability. It is great value for money and exactly as described. With it’s sleek and sophisticated design, it has set a new standard for both design and functionality.