What Happened To Zimbabwe Airways’ New 777?

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In mid-April I first wrote about how Zimbabwe took delivery of a Boeing 777, which used to fly for Malaysia Airlines.

Zimbabwe’s government owned airline is 300 million USD in debt, so Zimbabwe did what any rational government would do, and planned to acquire four 777s that they’d lease to a start-up airline. This doesn’t come as any surprise, but there has been a lot of scandal surrounding this.

The first bit of scandal revolves around the Mugabe family. The government claimed that this airline had absolutely nothing to do with Mugabe. That’s despite the fact that Mugabe’s son-in-law was one of the captains of the plane when they took delivery of it, and that Mugabe’s daughter met him when the plane arrived, and that the plane’s registration code is Z-RGM (with “RGM” presumably standing for Robert Gabriel Mugabe).