What Makes A Good Priority Pass Lounge?

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I moved to London with airline status two years ago, but once I saw the regular, ridiculous sale fares offered by low cost carriers (like £10 to Copenhagen, possibly my favourite European city), I couldn’t always justify the additional cost (often more than 5x) to fly an alliance airline and enjoy the status benefits like lounge access.

So I invested in a Priority Pass membership, which turned out to be a very wise investment as I use it at least 30 times a year, bringing the cost of a lounge visit down to about $10 per visit. I’ve visited some excellent Priority Pass lounges that could pass as (and sometimes are) a full-service business class lounge, and I’ve also visited some so awful I’ve gasped and walked straight out again.

So what do I look for in a Priority Pass lounge that may be different to an airline-run business class lounge?