What’s So Special About Sub Zero Luggage?

Landor & Hawa’s Sub Zero luggage looks like most any other luggage you’ll see being dragged around the world’s airports… but pick up an empty one, and you’ll instantly realize it’s anything but. Why? Sub Zero luggage is the lightest baggage anyone’s ever seen.

Think about it for a second. With modern airline weight restrictions, the ten or fifteen pounds most luggage weighs is seriously limiting how much you can take on board. Sub Zero luggage, on the other hand, has been described by reviewers as “silly light”. You can lift a piece of Sub Zero luggage with a single finger. Try that with a Halliburton hard shell! Some backpacks even weigh more than Sub Zero luggage.

On the other hand, Sub Zero luggage loses weight by clever design, not by leaving out features. After all, you could — if you really wanted — make your own ultra-light luggage out of a military surplus sailor’s duffel bag. But who wants that? Sub Zero luggage has the features you expect in modern baggage. It has smoothly rolling, silent wheels at all four corners to keep it stable. It has the obligatory retractable handle, so you can pull Sub Zero luggage behind you during that mad dash from gate A2 to Z3. And Sub Zero luggage comes with all the compartments you expect.

Internally, Sub Zero luggage looks a lot like an ultralight tent. The fiberglass-tube frame is covered with high-strength ripstop fabric, keeping weight to the absolute minimum while maintaining plenty of strength. Since the fiberglass frame is a bit flexible, if you’re the type to jam a little more into your bags than they’re officially meant to carry… Sub Zero luggage will bend a little and happily carry that extra novel.

However, when it comes to books and magazines, you don’t really need to use your precious clothing space. Sub Zero luggage has two zippered pockets on the outside that are the right size to carry a vacation’s worth of books and magazines. Of course, they’re also a good place to put things you might need to get at in a hurry, since you can unzip them and reach in without unpacking the main compartment.

Inside the main compartment are two elastic straps to hold your carefully folded shirts and pants in place, as well as anything else you might be carrying. Four elastic pouches right behind the main flap are the perfect place to sort underwear and socks… that way, you always know which ones are fresh and which ones need laundering.

While the first Sub Zero luggage models only had a top aluminum tube handle, newer ones have handles at the top and on the side. If you have to carry it up a long stretch of stairs or lift your bags into the high trunk of a van, you’ll be glad for that side handle. No matter which one you use, both handles are made of comfortably sized, smooth round aluminum tubing. Why aluminum? Like everything else, the handles on Sub Zero luggage use the lightest materials they could find.