Where On Earth Is The Mainstream Media Finding These “Travel Experts?”

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I can appreciate that not everyone’s life revolves around airlines. I can also appreciate the value in providing generalized advice and trying to keep things simple. That’s a balance I struggle with daily — on this blog I want to provide enough information so that it’s useful for longtime readers, but not get into such detail with every post that it loses those who may be newer to a topic.

Anyway, that’s only tangentially related to this. This post is about my general frustration with how horrible of a job the mainstream media does with covering everything related to travel tips. For example, a few days ago I shared a Bloomberg piece suggesting that the two words that will get you an upgrade over the phone are “revenue management.” By saying you know who they are, they’ll open upgrade availability for you. That’s complete hogwash, but I had a countless number of people ask me if that was true. After all, you’d assume that if a tip like that is published that there’s some merit to it, but in this case there simply isn’t.

I just stumbled upon another travel piece that’s so bad that I can’t help but share it. I only saw this piece because United Tweeted about it, thanking Harper’s Bazaar for ranking their business class product the number one of any US airline.