Why British Airways’ New High Density 777s Offend Me

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British Airways is densifying many of their planes, in an effort to compete with ultra low cost carriers. In addition to reducing pitch on their shorthaul aircraft, British Airways is also adding more seats to their London Gatwick based 777s. Many of British Airways’ leisure routes are operated out of Gatwick, which is why reconfiguring these planes is a priority.

Surprisingly, up until now British Airways has only had nine seats per row in economy on the 777, making them one of the few airlines where that’s the case. Even many of the world’s best airlines have 10 seats per row in 777 economy.

Many of British Airways’ Gatwick based 777-200s will go from having 280 seats to having 336 seats, which represents an increase in capacity of 56 seats. The layout will be changing as follows: