Why Doesn’t Heathrow Terminal 2 Have A People Mover?

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Last weekend I flew Austrian Airlines between London and Vienna. It was my first time on Austrian, and I thought they were a fun little airline with great cabin crew. It was quite a novelty to still be served a complimentary snack and drink on a European flight.

The flights departed from and arrived into London Heathrow’s Terminal 2, which is home to the 20+ Star Alliance airlines that serve Heathrow, as well as some other airlines like Icelandair and Aer Lingus. Of the four terminals in use at Heathrow, Terminal 2 is my favourite. It’s only a few years old and still feels new like Terminal 5, but never seems quite as crowded as Terminal 5, and I find it easier to navigate.

Admittedly, my previous Terminal 2 flights had all departed and arrived at the main terminal building.