Why I Don’t Mind Flying Ryanair, Europe’s Most Hated Airline

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I live in London and hold Oneworld Sapphire status in the British Airways Executive Club program. I try and fly British Airways where I can, however more often than not, the low cost carriers offer a better value proposition than BA or other full service airlines do, and Ryanair is almost always the cheapest option.

London Stansted is Ryanair’s biggest hub, and depending on the month of the year they fly to up to 170 destinations, direct. Europeans love to hate Ryanair, yet they have become Europe’s biggest airline by being good at what they do.

I admit I was terrified taking my first Ryanair flight to Copenhagen two years ago after hearing so many horror stories about them, but it was a perfectly acceptable experience. Since then I’ve flown Ryanair at least 20 times (and more than any other European airline) and have come to realise that while it’s not remotely glamorous, I can deal with it and make it work for me.