Why I’m Tempted To Acquire IHG Points For 0.45 Cents Each

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A few days ago I wrote about how IHG Rewards Club is having a flash sale on the purchase of points. They’re offering a 100% bonus on purchased points, and that offer ends today at 11:59PM ET. At first I dismissed this, since IHG increased award pricing at some hotels earlier this year. They’ve offered 100% bonuses on purchased points in the past, and when they devalue their award chart, the value of such a promotion decreases, unless they increase the bonus or decrease the price per purchase point.

What I hadn’t initially realized is that they did in fact decrease the cost per purchased point (before any bonuses) from 1.15 cents each to one cent each. I suspect this is being done permanently to account for the devaluation.

This means that with the 100% bonus you go from paying 0.575 cents per point to paying 0.5 cents per point. Then it gets even better than that. If you have the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card (which virtually everyone should have for the anniversary free night certificate and IHG Platinum status, if nothing else), you get a 10% refund on redeemed points, for a refund of up to 100,000 points each year.