Why Marriott’s New Loyalty Program May Make Me Less Loyal

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At the beginning of the week we learned the details of Marriott’s new loyalty program, which will be introduced this summer. The new program is getting a mixed response. Personally I feared the worst prior to the news, so I’m pleasantly surprised by the program. Am I happy that Marriott is taking over “my” Starwood? Nope. But at the same time, I think the new program could have been significantly worse, so I’m happier than I was expecting to be, I guess.

I’ve spent the past few days pondering the impact this new program will have on me, and figured I’d share where I’m at on things.

SPG is my favorite hotel loyalty program, and I’ve been a loyal Platinum member for eight years. For the past three years I’ve had an SPG Ambassador, meaning that I’ve earned 100+ elite qualifying nights per year (I earn 10 elite qualifying nights per year by having both the personal and business SPG Amex, so that translates to at least 90 “actual” nights per year).