Woman Causes Chaos At Hilton After Offering Free Sex On Social Media

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Well this is… something. A 19 year old Weibo user in China (the equivalent of Twitter) posted a video on social media of her in a bikini on her bed, offering free sex (“somebody come get me… sex… for free”). She posted the hotel she was staying at and the room number. Specifically, she was in room 6316 at the Hilton Sanya.

The post went viral, with dozens of men turning up at the hotel and knocking on her door. She was surprised by the response, and then told people to stop sharing the video and said that it was a joke. I mean, I sort of assume it was a joke since I can’t imagine anyone would want to have sex with literally anyone that shows up at their door, but why on earth would she post her hotel name and room number?

At that point she apparently asked hotel staff to escort her from her room to a taxi so she could escape safely. The hotel filed a complaint with the police regarding the incident, though by the time the police arrived she had already left.