Woman Claims American Called The Cops On Her For “Flying While Fat & Black”

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There’s a story circulating at the moment that was shared by Twitter user @AmberJPhillips, regarding an incident she had on a short American Eagle flight on Thursday from North Carolina to Washington DCA. This situation is especially problematic for American, given the race issues they have — last October the NAACP issued a travel advisory warning African Americans that they could be subjected to disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions, when flying with American Airlines.

So, what happened in this particular incident, which ended with the police being called? As Amber describes it, they were on a small regional jet, and she claims that the woman next to her spent the entire 45 minute flight making a scene because their arms were touching. The woman asked Amber to move over, except there was no way she could.

Amber then decided to take pictures and video of the other passenger to document the incident, which made the other passenger uncomfortable. As they deplaned and got onto the shuttle, the flight attendant called the cops, as the woman claimed she had been assaulted. The entire shuttle had to be stopped, and then law enforcement showed up to question people. Eventually everyone was sent on their way.