You Can Now Book Emirates Awards On Japan Airlines’ Website

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Japan Airlines Mileage Bank is a lucrative frequent flyer program for travel on partner airlines thanks to their distance based award chart. They have reasonable award costs and also allow lots of stopovers, which is a nice combination for those looking to visit multiple destinations on a single trip.

Unfortunately they recently announced that they’re devaluing their award chart for bookings as of November 20, though even with that the mileage redemption rates aren’t that terrible. Here’s a comparison of their old and new rates:

Historically one of my favorite uses of Japan Airlines miles has been for travel on Emirates. Unfortunately the value of those redemptions got significantly worse last November, as JAL began to impose fuel surcharges on many Emirates tickets. For example, a roundtrip first class ticket from New York to Dubai now comes with over $1,600 per person in fees, which is insane.